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AFocus on R & D and production of LED lightingCan provide all kinds of non-standard products R & D

Anshiduo than technical R & D personnel, 20 imported production line, the Taiwan production technology;

Energy saving scheme of the mature LED project。

BThe company advanced test equipmentCommon specifications of products 24 hours lightning delivery

Have SMT patch equipment, CNC machining equipment;

Standing 6 months sales of inventory, customer goods that take place an order;

CQuality is the highestFrom the source strict quality level, give you 100% assured

All imported raw materials production, strictly avoid inferior raw material;

In strict accordance with the process of production;

ISO9001 products through quality management system。

DDirect manufacturers, can provide you ...30 minutes quick quote, let you take the initiative in...

When many factories purchased directly, eliminating the intermediate links, the maximum profit to customers

Centralized purchasing, centralized delivery, can effectively reduce the cost of procurement and logistics。

EFull range of 24 hours online technical support"technical guidance center" for you to solve the worries

Anshiduo "technical guidance center", provide you with free technical support, to solve the problem;

Zero complaints service: 7*24 hours quick response to customer complaints, and strive to customer satisfaction rate of 99% or more

走进安时多About Us

Anshiduo Electronic Appliance Factory

Nanjing Anshiduo electronic and electrical appliances factory is a focus on LED lighting application, R & D, production, sales in one of the high-tech development company.
The company has advanced product testing equipment, SMT chip equipment, CNC CNC machining equipment and strong technical force, there is a dare to innovate, efficient and capable, honest young ...

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Anshiduo Electronic Appliance Factory

To technology for survival, quality assurance, reputation and development, market oriented, to benefit as the goal, to meet customer needs as the basis, and according to customer needs to develop a variety of specifications of the product.

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